Local’s Deals for our Snowboard Workshop Products

We love our locals, and we want to treat you to awesome deals this Winter and Spring! We want you to spend your days having a blast on the slopes, so drop your gear off for an overnight service, and you’ll have it back in the morning, fresh and ready to hit the snow.

Come in every Tuesdays and Wednesdays until October 1st 2019 for the Snowboard Workshop’s best local’s Tuning Deals

Queenstown’s favourite ski & snowboard tuning now 50% OFF

Wax, Edge & Base Polish 50% OFF

LIVING IN FRANKTON? We’ve got you covered with our new Pick Up / Drop Off location. Next Morning 8AM pick up guaranteed.
Drop your gear off to benefit from the best deals from The Snowboard Workshop.

Make sure your gear is fresh as & super new with a wax to last.